Material Bank

Budapest 16.5.2010

Material bank for teachers of Hungarian – Teacher’s Handbook

The tools provided by Te-Le-Hu material bank enable you to compile a continually renewable teacher´s handbook for teaching Hungarian.

A Te-Le-Hu adatbank anyagaiból folyamatosan bővülő tanári kézikönyvet állíthatnak össze maguknak.

Materiaalipankin aineistosta voi koota itselleen jatkuvasti täydennettävän unkarin opettajan käsikirjan.

Evaluation form for learners

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Course planning instuctions for teachers of Hungarian based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR).

Curriculum both for basic levels A1 & A2 and medium level B1: objectives (speech, understanding of spoken language, understanding of texts, writing) and contents (themes and topics, grammar).

Commented list of teaching materials

The list consists of essential study books and side materials. Their feasibility (pros and cons) has been commented in order to pay attention to fifferent type of learners and groups as well as teaching of various language elements.

Useful literature

Useful links